April 22, 2008

Economy or Popularity?

A lot of issues is going on. Plus, Dr. Khir Toyo is becoming a blogger himself and his writings are even featured in MyKMU.net, a forum that is discussing the political scenarios in Malaysia, by specializing in UMNO movement.

It's very obvious now that the local political scenario has becoming realy awkward. People urging for changes due to the last general election result of which certain result has been said to be faked.

To make it weirder, one of the opposition party leader (in specific is Karpal Singh) is supporting Pak Lah to become the prime minister.

Haji Hadi is telling UMNO to keep the conflicts within the house.

AAB is seen trying to gain more popularity among the people rather than to improve on the current sick season of economy. What is wrong with you eh? It's not all abot youlah AAB. It's the economy! Can't you see? Come on! Don't you know that a lot of people is suffering from the inflation that is not being reported properly?

Can u come up with any solution?

No he didn't! Eh no, he just can't! Sorry, he's not capable even though he's the Finance Minister.


*sigh for long and loud*

Latest, Mahathir is going a lil bit off board by calling Najib a coward.

Coward is actually the word that failed my 1119 paper. If you can still remember (those who had taken the 1119 paper in 1994), the 2nd essay was to ask us to write a anything from the word coward. I didn't remember what I wrote that I failed the paper. What I remember was, I do not know what coward was... hehehe

I believe, now is not a good time for calling Najib a coward. Najib should have been called a coward a very long time ago. Not obviously now. Najib is a coward when he supported AAB's decision to call the Project of Jambatan Bengkok off. Once he supported and now he didn't even though he knew what it takes to let the project off.

Calling Najib a coward now will only result more sympathy from people with 'agendas' towards supporting Najib. People would say that Najib would prefer a peaceful power hand over from AAB.

What I could say, sometimes people has always misinterpreting what other people were saying. Frustrated mind would also tend to say things inappropriately.

TDM, as I believe is trying to correct his mistakes by appointing AAB as his successor by saying a lot of things, things that made quite a good sense to my ears but for some people, he's trying to regain his power. Forming a presidential council is seen as a platform to rule the country from behind the scene, no matter who would become the next PM, name it Najib, or Muhyiddin or Rais Yatim maybe? Hehehe.

Rais Yatim is trying to deny the fact that he aimed for something better. Come on la Datuk! Sampai bila mau jadi kuli sahaja?

I was hoping that the political awkwardness that we're facing now is not just another battle of gaining power for self, but as I'm reading and listening in every single sense, I hope TDM is doing the right thing. Do not let the word coward fail him as once it did to me.

At this particular point, the involvement of DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Mizan is essential. In the name of Unity, we should now together build up our economy rather than just politicking endlessly.

I'm just afraid that may be one day, the whole country would be just like one Malay saying,

"Gajah sama gajah bergaduh, Pelanduk mati di tengah-tengah"

as a result from their endless catfights.

* Gajah as for politicians.
** Pelanduk as for rakyats.

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