April 10, 2008

That's clearly why...

I've been telling some people that I'm always being uneasy if there's a police road block on the streets. The development of the anxiety feeling was a result of my own bad history of owning a seriously illegal car and getting involved in some unhealthy night activities (not rempit la).

I'm also a serious honda fanatic. I have never get into serious car fanaticism until a friend of mine, Romdzi, a friend who shared the same birthday with me and remember that we went to singapore earlier this year together, who the father just bought a honda civic EG3 converted to EG6, which means with the B16A engine inside it, but it's an automatic car.

At that point of time, Me, Omen & Romdzi were at Romdzi's house and Romdzi is yet to have his own driving license and Omen needed to go to Subang Airport. The father offered me,

"Bai, bawaklah kereta pakcik. Takpe pakcik percaya kat kau"

"Kereta apa pakcik?"

"Honda lah!"

Amused and not believing, i took the keys and started the car. Romdzi sat beside me and Omen at the back. Up to my surprise, I drove the car at 160km/h on ordinary roads without realising it. It felt so smooth.

So I need not to explain everything in details as that was how actually I get to fall in love with the most powerful 1.6 engine in the world, naturally aspirated. I was getting obsessed with Honda. For me, nothing can ever beat that engine, I mean in NA form lah. If you talk about Turbo, of course, it's out of the context already.

So in the year of 2001, after my Satria GTi was stolen, I was eyeing for a Honda Civic EK as it was a hottie at that point of time. I've got this one car at RM40k cash and drove it around.

To cut it short, the car was actually an illegal car brought in from Singapore! Damn it! I was conned!

So I was still driving my car around, in fear and everytime I saw a road block, I'll be scared like hell, like I'm gonna shit in my pants! And in that car also, I used to be fooling around with other people on the highways and the cops as well.

So now you know eh? Even though the car was then has been confiscated by the custom, the phobia feeling was still there, until today.

But I'm still driving a Honda now. It's a legal one but it's a full fledged car. Hahaha.. What ever lah! I admit that, sometimes, it attracts too much attention, especially by the police.

The story was, last Sunday night, when I was driving around, I saw cars were slowly queueing up to pass a road block. I've got nervous for nothing and winded the screen down so that the policemen can see me clearly.

When it was my turn to pass the barrier, the policeman take a look at his paper but he seems to find nothing. He took a second look at my car and saying it out loud,


and asked me to pull over. I was like, WTF? What lampu? I thought it must be my not so yellow headlights. My headlight is an boosted normal light that it turns to be a lil bit whitish but not that Xenon white that turns out to be blueish.

So I pulled over, and the policeman fiercely and snobbishly asked my for my ID and driving license. I hand it over to him and asked,

"Apa salah saya inche?"

Means what have I done wrong? Without any manner of being a human, he told me that I hit the traffic light when it was red. I said no, I swear to god that I haven't!

He didn't believe me at first as he thought I was trying to escape. I keep telling him that I swear to god that it was a merely blind accusation. Then, he pulled out his walkie talkie and asked the watching officer, what have I done wrong, of which is I can hear so crystal clear.

"2662, apa salah dia?"

"Err... Kereta apa tu?"

"Honda Civic warna putih"

"Apa eh, exhaust kot. Kau bagitau ajelah dia exhaust dia salah"

Damn! Boleh kot kot eh? It was my headlight at first, then I hit the traffic light and lastly my exhaust.

Come on, even Puspakom let my exhaust go through without any hassle.

Then he asked me to drive on as actually my exhaust is not allowable. Why not he just give me ticket for my exhaust eh?

Because he knows there's actually nothing wrong with my exhaust, and actually nothing is wrong with my car. If he give me tickets pun, I'm not gonna bribe him as it is not a big deal.

Langgar Lampu Merah is a big deal so that's why he'll only gimme ticket if I really hit the red light, hoping that I'll bribe him to escape the summon.

This maybe an accusation by me, but that was what I can think of. If my exhaust is illegal, why don't you just gimme ticket for using an illegal exhaust?

Maybe he just want to cover up his friend's mistake. He said sorry and asked me to drive on without giving my ID and driver's license.

"Enche, boleh saya dapatkan IC dan lesen saya semula?"

"Owh sorry," passing me back my ID and driver's license.

I reversed my car, make a turn and rushed off.

Pissed off!

Is this how the malaysian police work? Come on lah Musa Hasan. You brought nothing new to the force lah.

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