April 4, 2008

Waddap guyce?

I'm shrinking all my blogs as I'll also be managing my own website at http://www.izham-miyake.com

As you can see, I've already incorporated all my old (& lame) entries from my old blog (slash.tblog.com) to here. All the archive entries from February 2004 to September 2005 are the entries from the previous blog.

More mergers will be coming soon. I might be merging this blog with the my pojok blog as well.

It was purposely done that this blog is having a new look. Basically i was just changed the background, of which before I was using someone else's picture but this time, I'm using mine, which was taken using my previous Canon 400D.

Now I'm shooting more with my Nikon D200 even though I'm still keeping my Canon 40D. With Nikon, it is much easier for me to do the Nikon CLS, a lighting system that can be established using the flashes, which made the life so much easier.

And the pictures are super marvellous too!

Oh yeah, what's with the Nikon?

Nikon kick ASS! Here are some picture with the Nikon CLS!

And further, I've been appointed as the Assistant Pro Trainer for the Nikonian Academy. The academy has the role to become the Nikon Product Evangelist other than to educate in terms of providing training classes to people to find the best way of making use of the cameras.

Classes are rolling, and as for the time being, we are only providing classes for the DSLR users, the classes for the compact cameras are in the finalized stage, and will be in the rolling soon.

And for reference, the website is www.nikonian.com.my.

Please not that the classes in JB is selling like hot goreng pisang now! You may not be able to enrol so don;t waste your time to wait!

Call me and reserve your seats, no matter who and where you are. Nikonian Certs will be provided to all completing attendees.


As for the time being, The nation is said to be unstable, caused by the effort by some people to make things right.

If things are right, it won't ignite such chaotic political scene as it has always been aired on the news, on TV.

I'm supporting anything that will get things right, as I know there's nothing left 'right' in the government now.

I've been waiting for that wrong person to do the right thing, then everything will get back to normal.

And we photographers can do job in more confidence. The economy is good, everybody makes money and be willing to pay your high price of good photography service!

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