February 12, 2007

Any idea?

I do have no idea about what's happening around nowadays. I've been avoiding TV news, newspapers and everything that has got to do with the news. No news no nothing. I have no babi news also for the last weekend. Babi is sleeping well nowadays. Nenas may have raised up babi-babi's sexual drive that it has driven them to a higher level of sex satisfactory that babi-babi were having rest on weekends.

The latest thing that I've been accidentally heard on TV yesterday was about the police is going to have more permanent watch towers on most of the major highways. I wonder why can't they just leave this thing alone.

Me, being so freak and weird have always got a different view about it.

It's not safe at all, especially for the policemen who has been assigned to be on duty in these watch towers. What are actually in the mind of these so called politicians that is ruling the government now?

A crashed by car phone booth

I used to see, and maybe some of u did too, seeing people crashing on the traffic lights, into the drains, street lamps and even the pillar of the flyover. Don't u think that someday maybe a car or a lorry might hit on these towers and those police who were up there got no time to escape unless to jump off the tower and throw himself down to the ground.

Even helicopters will be happy to crash on these towers.

For me, if drivers are allowed to be driving as fast as they want, all the other drivers will be alerting themselves to watch out for fast approaching cars from behind. Who drives slowly will surely keep to the left, for being afraid that the fast cars will hit on them.

People were just love it when they have to hit the lamp post. Probably he was trying to avoid another car. Errr.. drunk maybe?

Slow cars should be fined for driving at the right lane.

Malaysian Drivers are just out of their mind!

I'm saying that because, only yesterday, there were a few incidents that I'm pretty sure, if not because of my awareness and agility while driving, accidents will happen and I don't think I would be able to write my blog today. Only for last night, there were 3 incidents involving stupid, self-centered and ignorant drivers. I just can't believe these drivers cannot see such a big 4-wheelers like my nissan frontier and yet they were about to hit on that 4-wheeler of mine.

What's wrong with these people? What's wrong with the malaysian drivers? I have to state my a bunch of respects towards the Indonesian drivers, as I've been there for quite a few times, they are wonderful drivers. They know when to let other people go and they are sure of what they're doing.

Malaysian drivers? There was this one time, my parked car was blocked from behind and I was honking for a few minutes before the chinese lady came down and walked towards the car, started the engine and ciao, without waving at me or whatever. Don't say apologizelah, she didn't even look at me.

At that moment, I made a conclusion, she was deaf and she didn't know that I was waiting for her car to be moved away so that I can reverse my car.

Then there come another malay fella ignorantly parked behind mycar, replacing the previous car and as he started to walk away from his car, I went out and tell him nicely,

"Bang, saya nak keluar"

You know what. He says "Kejap"

And I was waiting for another almost 20 minutes before that guy turned back up but apologizing for making me wait.

"Sorry eh. Saya berak tadi. Sakit perut. Tak tahan...."

Ada butul ka?

Yesterday, a lady driver, wearing a tudung taking me off from the left and I'm pretty sure she will hit the nearest lamp post if I didn't flee my car to the right and worse, I was almost hitting a motorbiker who was approaching from behind.

Later, there were 3 self-centered singaporean mat-rempit with big bikes ignorantly parked their bikes in the middle of the entrance road to a parking space where people parked their cars to eat-in at the restaurant. I was about to get out of the parking space and was waiting for the bikes owners to move their bike. After waiting and honking for 2-3 minutes, then come an indian who was one of the car-wash workers there pushed the bikes forwards until one of the owner prohibits him from touching his bike.

I was boiled off to the max! They were just sitting by their bikes and how come they did nothing when i was honking like mad, asking for the bikes to be moved away. What's wrong with these people man? I should have stepped on my pedal, hit on those bikes and drive over it with that big 4-wheeler of mine.

I did say Lancau and pukimak to them last nite. You know why? I told them not to park their bikes like that. What they say?

"Boleh keluarkan? Boleh keluar lu keluar la"

I just can't hold it. They were looking at me, when I was about to get down my car, of which the indian guy asked me to drive on. Again, if I did that, I'm sure my face is all around the Malaya for hitting people in the public. Such a nice free publicity. I was about to get my hitman iron underneath my seat. Can u imagine that?

I was imagining myself chopping them into pieces and feed the babi with it. Astaghfirullah.

Apa la lu, tak habis-habis dengan babi. Tapi gua geram ni babe.

It was the worst as I was drifting for nothing when I was avoiding a crossing kap-chai coming from the right to the left; on that main expressway from Skudai to JB. I was scared like hell! I avoided that bike by steering maximumly to the left but my backend tail was going to the right and I turned the steering back to the right and the car moved sideways to the front till I stepped on the accelerator and the brake to cut the drift off. Huiyo. Babi pun terbalik la kalau drift macam ni.....!

I took my breathe. Deeply. The kap-chai had gone and I was alone in the middle of the night trying to calm myself down. Thank god that I'm safe with my safety belt on. Lucky also there was no incoming traffic. But I thank god for another one thing.

That Nissan Frontier is able to drift! Tanpa terbalik! Hahahahaha! Magic kan?

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