February 26, 2007


I was having my weekend since 16th till today. Panjang giler weekend. What a week of doing nothing except for resting, food and jalan-jalan. I was like makan all the way. Makan until bloated, feel like pooping all the time & letting others to enjoy my smelly fart. There were a few times I farted in the elevator. Imagine that. No one is able to runaway. Pure satisfaction of a farter (pengkentut).

As I'm going to Penang, I bought myself and 9 other family members train tickets at Tampin. We'll be going up from KL to Butterworth. Last time, the train was from Singapore but maybe due to economical reason and so many more reason, they shorten the journey. I was thinking that it's not going faster but slower actually. Last time, I took the train from Butterworth at 8 o'clock in the morning and arrived in Tampin at around 4.30 or 5.00 in the afternoon but nowadays, 8.10AM from KL and only arrive in Butterworth at around 3.30PM. Quite a lot of difference there. Journey of KL to Tampin will actually took 2++ hours.

The going up journey was fine. A lot of aweks around that I can just see and do nothing because if I was to chat with these girls, what would my brother in law do then? So i just look at them and pretending not be interested in them. Cheh macam bagus je I ni. In fact those girls are not interested in me pun. They don't even look. Maybe if I hold a cat or dog, then only they'll be saying ::

a. comelnya kucing tu. sama dengan tuannya.
b. eh anjing haram.. nasib baik tuan dia x haram..
c. nasib baik anjing. kalau babi? haram betulla tuan dia nih....

pilih la mana korang nak jawab. aku don't mind.

A. In the train.
B. Arrived in Butterworth already.
C. Queueing before getting on the ferry.
D. On the ferry.

As we arrived in Penang, the Naza Hotel's van is waiting for us. We headed straight to my Brother's house in Bukit Gambiaq. It's actually Bukit Gambir. My sister in law already prepared us the Pasemboq, the ordinary rojak we usually found together with cendol in KL. Perasan tak? Aiseh, itu pun taktau. Dah tua pun bodoh. Hahahahaha!

Sadly, that night, we were having food crisis. I was so hungry that I ate without looking to the left or right, apatah lagi to the front and the back. Suddenly my pregnant sister voiced out that she's still hungry even though she had eaten. Actually makanan tak cukup. Ok-oww.. we've got 2 pregnant people in the house! Later me, my bro and my bro in law went out to restoran Kayu for late dinner. Seperti yang di dalam gambar, 2-2 sama je hitam.

We did nothing much the next day except for having fun at my brother's condo's swimming pool. Ada gelungsur siot. Best giler. Kalau tak pandai main memang tak sampai ke bawah. Selalunya, in the middle of the slide, my father will just stand up and walk down. Kesian.

Click for bigger image
Sorrylah. The images were so taken by the amateur. Obviously not me. Babi lagilah. Mana sampai kaki dia yang pendek itu.. So, in the afternoon, we checked in into Naza Hotel. We took 2 executive suites and booked the BBQ place for the night. My brother ponteng kerja. So unluckyla my bro, to buy the MC he gotta pay RM100. Aduish. Makan babi pun lagi murah ini macam. Teruk betul la penang. Woi penang cekik darah woi.. Well, then we went out to somewhere near Batu Feringghi and we had the BBQ later at night. Macam biasala, the cook has never got the chance to enjoy the food. Sape lagi jadi cook. Tak caya tanya Taiko. Kawan2 yang keji seperti mofaz, mizan dan joe turut hadir. Mereka hanya berjaya tiba setelah semua orang naik atas.

That night, those fellas went back at 3AM. Me and my bro in law continued our chit chat till 5AM. zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZ...

click image to view bigger image

The next day, I woke up late to find out that my preggie sister in law queued up to buy the ticket to get up to Penang Hill, or Bukit Bendera dalam bahasa Melayunya. Bahasa Malaysia ke Melayu eh? Sepatutnya Bahasa Melayu, Inggeris, Cina dan India dinobatkan sebagai Bahasa Malaysia. Kan? Don't u think so?

Berbalik kepada cerita tadi, on the way up to Penang Hill, while waiting for the time of departure, me, the husband of my sister and my sister's in law uncle (ha amik ko.. kalau korang x berbelit kepala otak nak fikir) lepak at the outside of the place and all of a sudden we saw this foregn workers as all of us thought he was weirdly distracted us. All of us were like dalama keadaan tergamam yang tidak sedar diri bila mamat tu (who i believed from Myanmar) mengambil gambar.


He was wearing a short sleeve yellow batik. Tucked in. Orange tie. Jeans with construction shoes. And worse. He posed like a monkey.

Hmm.. i was about to take his picture as he rushingly walked out of the place. Otherwise, he'll become the major headline in this blog i'm assuring you. Bahan giler babi. Babi pun kalah dengan dia. Monyet vs babi. Sape agaknya menang?

Petang, after checked out, we went to padang kota. Best gak. Tapi hujanlah. Jadi lah tak best. Tapi yang agak best ialah, saya kena bayar semua makanan. Best giler. Adalah dalam 20 orang punya makan. Saya hanya makan sotong kangkung, nasi goreng, mee sup dan air 3 gelas sahaja. Tak banyak. sikit aje tu. cukup untuk menjadi ular sawa masa dalam keretapi nanti.

We went back to KL by train at around 10.30 from Penang. Dalam train gua makan lagi beb. Nasi Goreng pattaya pukul 1 pagi dan nasi lemak pukul 6 pagi lepas semayang subuh dalam train tu. hehehe.

We managed to arrive in KL around 8.30 in the morning. This was Farah's first time journey on train. As for me, I'm so used to travel by train when i was smaller. I think the tickets were cheap. Ten of us, back & forth, costed me not more than RM600. No traffic jam, we can move around in the train, can smoke, and next time, maybe i'll get myself a first class nite coach. With a girlfriend or two. Hehe. Orgy on train. Sape pernah buat cakap dengan aku. Mesti xde punya..

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