February 14, 2007

I hate CSI

FIRSTLY :: Happy Valentine's Day to those who's celebrating it and I'm single.

Hahahaha~~~~ (nyanyi macam lagu lagu BPR kat karaoke tu)

I know maybe some of you are just crazy about this series. Name it, the original, the Miami, the New York, what ever it is. Nasib baik takde CSI : Babi. Hahaha!

But I just hate it (or them, but I don't hate babis).

For no reason why, my hunger for TV just turned off whenever there's CSI was being aired on TV. For me, there's nothing more than just lies and bluffs in that series. Babi pun tak pandai menipu. Baik betul hati babi itu.

If those americans are really good, why until now they cannot solve the watergate's case, kennedy's murder, the 911 tragedy and whatsoever.

There were only speculations and theories that lie around us. People make assumptions and whatever. Some people were just being so stupid to believe and to let their to be sacrificed in the war in Iraq. Luckily they sent human. If they sent babi? How? I see the Americans do a lot of wonders but most of the time, they are just being stupid or maybe they're forced too. Maybe the babi knows. I don't know.

But I really wonder why some of us just love these lies. And in some way they're just affected with all that.

Just recently I met a girl who loves watching CSI so much that she will update me with all the latest techniques of investigation the CSI is introducing. And oh yeah, I intended that it should be "we're just friends". Babi can be my friends too, tapi jauh2 sikit yer.

But she's just being a lil bit of 'babi' in the sense that she cannot accept me as just a friend. Apatah lagi sebagai fling atau lebih dikenali dengan 'BITCH'. Babi tak?

Babi giler.. hahaha..

And then... as a common thing that I observed, those who love CSI is that, they're all very the hell investigative. What the hell is that. I know babi is Haram yang sangat Mughallazah but I don't think they will go to hell. Only human beings will.

She loves to read all my messages and starting to freak me out with all her 'NO ANSWER TO THAT QUESTION' questions.

And start to investigate this and that. Make calls.. Tried to hack my yahoo account. Tried to close my blog. Read my smses. And a lot more of things that I cannot imagine which of that ideas purely came from the CSI. She think just like the detective in CSI.

I'm sick of that. And the same thing happens with my a few last 'I used to her' girlfriends. Maybe worse and maybe a little less than this.


It makes me sick like to puke. But a fact that really has made even much sicker is that these girls loves CSI! Uwekkk!...


* Semalam saya jumpa encik COP yang babi. Dia dtg JB naik babi. Hahaha. Dia memang babi sebab dia tukar engine kereta satria dia kepada EVOII GSR dan tak babitau saya. Hahaha.

** Let's pray for Diva's friend, Mona and Haris who had just caught in an accident. Hope there's no babi involved. Tak jadi mascot nanti diorang.

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