February 8, 2007

I've made a mistake...

I think i've made a mistake yesterday. A big one. Gosh. I've got nowhere to do and a friend suggested me to go and put the tint film on the Nissan Frontier. I think it would be a kewl idea though. The Frontier's screens were quite wide and big so that the car is always so bright and hot.

I went to one of my regular accessory shop and asked about the tint thingy and the price. None of my regular people is free so I had to deal with this one new people. After agreeing to Rm200 for doing the film tint for the whole car and the guy promised me to settle everything by 4PM as I've got another thing to do.

He asked me, is it 5%? I as thinking that it's gonna be 5% dark so i said yes. He opened up all the door cover and all of a sudden he left for another car. Of course I'm stucked there because, why should i put it all back.

By 3.30PM, none of my windscreen was being done. Shit. Babi betul. I looked at the guy, he looked like a babi already. I think maybe the babi's datuk does look like him. When I asked him, when are u gonna do my car, and he said,

"Nanti dulu aaaaaa"

I kept nagging the manager and at last he asked the person who regularly served me all this while. I asked him, "Kenapa dia talak bikin ini kelija?"

He answered, "Itu memang babi punya olang. Adik tauke".

So that guy did the four door so fast that I'm going out soon. As I drove around afer that, then only i realize.

"Gelapnyerrrrrrrrrr". You can see the difference between the screen without the tint film and the one with. A lot of different. But i feels better inside. More comfortable but when I look from the outside....

Tadaaaa! Mampus gue. Mampus. That 5% is not the flm density. It's the percentage of the light coming in. And it's only 5%. Harap2 xdela polis trafik yang membaca blog ini dan memburu kereta saya.

Walaubagaimanapun, kereta saya tetap gagah dan bertambah jelita disebabkan film tinted hitam legam itu. Actually, it's not that black. It's more towards very dark brown that it looks like black.

Mesti gua jadi buruan polis lepas ni. Dulu gua jadi buruan pasal bawak smuggled car. Hehe.. Sape lagi yang dulu2 pun sama macam aku drive kereta smuggle tu, janganla malu2 angkat tangan hahahaha! Hehehe.. I know what you did last raya Taiko..

The only way to survive is to wind down all the screen when driving during the day. Good for you too because we need fresh air after smoking in the car. And more, the smells will go away. I always do that. If you see me in my frontier with all the windscreen down, i was just finished smoking and i'm heading back home. Kantoi nanti. Mampus aku kena karate dengan bapak aku. Yelah, umur dah 30 tahun tapi mak bapak aku, entahla ek, tau ke tak aku ni isap rokok.

Another danger that you might tempah (booking) when you wind down all your screen is that the probability of babi to jump in into your car. Very dangerous and haram mughallazah. Eh silap. Najis mughallazah. Especially my car had just brought the pineapple trees alst few days, it's true that babi had come and attacked out the pineapples in kampung.

It was not only babi, the monkey also came. They pulled out the trees. Luckily my cousin is there everyday to monitor. But no babi was found. Monkey also not found. Punk not dead.

Long live rock..!

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