January 4, 2008

How does Sex and Politics relate?


It is direct-proportionally related.

The more money and power does a someone has, the more Sex appetite they have.

And the more money and power does someone has, the more people are get attracted to them also.

Ada betoi ke? Figure it out!

As in the recent local politic sex scandal, the former Health Minister, Chua Soi Lek has passed on his Minister post due to the revealed sex video featuring him and his 'friend'.

That means, it's really kewl to become a Minister, as being a Minister, he can ask his own personal friend to have sex with him. Terror terror. I wish i can ask all my personal friend to have sex with me also.. Hahahahaha!

The DVD movie of his sex act has been delivered for free in Batu Pahat, Muar and Seremban areas (why it doesn't include Senawang as well uh? Kalau ada kat JB pun bagus). And magically, nobody can trace who sent those DVD/VCDs to all those recepients. It is mostly sent in an envelope written SEX Movie and some chinese writings that I don't understand.

In the DVD also showed that he's watching Porn movies for warming up. Come on man, I myself hardly find a porn DVD/VCD nowadays. Where did he get that DVD/VCD?

That's maybe one of the privilleges of being a Minister. Dahlah so easy to get anything he wants, even to have sex, he can just ask his own personal friends, to get DVD/VCD porn also, maybe he just utter the spell 'Abra Cadabree, I want a porn CD' and 'POOFS' it appears!

The question is, who does all the recordings?

And obviously in the DVD, Chua Soi Lek didn't do this all by himself. There are 2 or 3 other people around. He's not doing it all alone.

I think he must have not watched Young & Dangerous. From that movie he'll learn that anyone can be betrayed by anyone, especially he as a minister must be aware that as a Society Figure, a lot of people are looking forward to send him off his position.

It can be people who has been watching and waiting to 'taroh' him. Or it can be his own people who has been treated badly. Who knows?

The best part is, other politicians applaused him for his so called 'keberanian' to admit his act. It's like a persuasion and that act has nothing wrong to do with it. In my thought, these other politicians means to say that Chua Soi Lek got big balls while theirs are tiny. It's up to me how do I see it like right? Hehehehe.

While I think, they should have nail him to the max. Kasi taroh habis. Then we'll know where they stand don't you think so?

You see lah. The economy is already bad, and the Health Minister who is supposed to be busy fighting STDs, instead he's busy having sex with friends.

Apa nak jadi,
Apa nak jadi,
Menteri main dengan kawan sendiri
Apa nak jadi,
Apa nak jadi,
Siap rakaman 2 VCD,
Apa nak jadi.....

* nyanyi macam lagu SM Salim, apa nak jadi

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