January 17, 2008

Melayu :: Prihatin atau Diskriminasi?

As a Malaysian Malay, we've been proud about ourselves and loudly claimed that our so called hospitality is among the best.

Damn it, even TV3 made the program "BERSAMAMU" to show how poor people living their life and later people show up to give their hands. Especially the Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM).

All this while what were they doing? Aren't they are supposed to be looking for poor people and help them?

I would suggest Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat and Pusat Zakat to be merged so that they can use the zakat money that has not been utilised rather than being stuckedup or misused by people.

That really shows that Malays aren't that "PRIHATIN" yet. We're just prihatin about ourselves.


We do not want people to see malays as really bad as we do nothing help our own kind. Agree?

Kononla Malaysian Malays are "PRIHATIN" and have mercy.

When Nurin Jazlin hilang, everyone symphatized. The latest was Sharlinie and still not found. The media made it such a national issue. Leave all the other more important issues like economy and development and let's concentrate on the lost kids.

What ruined my head for the last few days was, when I was in KL, I saw chinese people wearing a big tag with Sharlinie's picture and name on their body. Abd i saw on TV that even the Indians also helped for the search.

These people are volunteers and of course they weren't doing it for money. These people sincerely doing it.

Even i myself don't really care much. I'm a Malay. I'm one of the Malaysian Malay.


Where were we when a chinese or an indian kids hilang?

We don't even know about it. Why? The media didn't make it as big as sharlinie's or nurin's case. They turned up to the police or media but still it's not as big as sharlinie or nurin.

It sounds like a discrimination to me.

By statistics, the number of chinese and indian reported missing are much higher than the Malays. Last-last, only the MCA and MIC people who go search for this people and i still don't care much. I know a lot of chinese and indian gone missing every day.

How do I know?

I love reading posters pasted on the trees and walls. And most of the time I saw the missing people posters.

So I know. You guys didn't :p. If you guys know also, I knew more than you guys do. I read posters at least in around KL, Seremban, Melaka and JB. Different places with different people missing.

I didn't mention dogs and cats too.

The fact that I'm not PRIHATIN but at least I'm not DISCRIMINATING would still remain.

Am I? Nah. I'm still a prihatin person. Posting about sharlinie in this page is good enough. Last time, I was about to post about all the othe missing people that I knew but by the time I was about to write about them, due to my hectic life and everything, the person is found already.

I just think that certain issues were exaggerated to 'mengkesampingkan' people attention from what we're supposed to concentrate on.

HINDRAF maybe just one of it. All my Indian friends agreed with me.

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