January 2, 2008

Tol dah naik ke belum ha?

Dengar citer harga tol dah naik.. betul ke?

When the toll goes up.. Everything will also go up..

And I heard that the petroleum based product prices will also be hiked up. No info on the price but it's gonna be a big price hike.

It's already 2 days of 2008 but I was already burden with a lot of price increase.

Since right now I'm doing some construction work in Labu, Negeri Sembilan, the former budget has to be revised again and again.

Most of the construction material price is increased by 1st January 2008. Cement price which was supposed to be sold at RM10.80 per bag by the government, they are now selling at RM13. When you asked for the receipt, they will issue you a receipt telling that you're buying a bag of cement at the price of Rm10.80 BUT there'll be a miscellaneous item priced at RM2.20.


That's only one item. Not to mention all the other things like canvas, plaster, nails, screws and bla bla bla.

I'm expecting a slower economical move this year as a result of the last year's snail-speed economical growth and weakened again by the price increased.

There were a lot of people who either privately chat or emailed me with regard to my comment on the economical performance of this country, who mostly opposing my views, I'm sure you guys who love and support the government like 'Neraka' will be happy as the government has done nothing to avoid such an economical catastrophe.

You also must be happy as most people now can live harder than before.

I bukannya the opposition but then when the government is letting the economy to push people, why would you continue supporting the government who makes it hard for you..

But then, if we give to the opposition, what the difference they will make? NAH!

Yeah living is really pinching me on my forehead!

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