January 19, 2008

Just another week....

Is stating facts is more irresponsible than throwing an anonymous harsh comment then?

I would leave my readers with their own interpretation of what they would churn out of my words. I'm just throwing ideas that may lead to another space of discussion, of any freedom that may diverge or converge to another issue but I'm hoping that we Malaysians have grown up enough to take my reading positively. I have never been underestimating my fellow readers, by limiting the space to the ideas that must suit to a certain needs.

As far as I'm concerned, I have a bunch of not-looking-back and rational friends and readers who have either helping me to further rationalised on my thoughts by expressing their beautiful mind in my comment box or just silently reading on and on and on and so on.

But I'm persuading my readers and highly suggesting them to read between the lines and to get used to my teasing and jokes, and of course being cynical is just another way of being Malaysian Malay, traditionally.

I'm not going to either defend or plead guilty on any accusation because I do aware that so far, most of my readers have the same wavelength as I am, which may require a positive and moving forward thinking, without prejudice and unjust.

I have to emphasize here that I'm not a racist by any nature and I'm just throwing ideas by stating some facts, well mixed with sarcasm and cynical that some people may not get the point.

That explains why not so many people is reading my blog, literally, as I tend to explain things as detailed as I could as I knew that my English is not as good as some other people, to note. I wrote long sentences. You may miss some words, or even lines, thus not enabling you to get in between the lines.

So I hope this shouldn't be an issue but as I said, I'd love to urge people to think, rationally and if they would like to, they may further cook the ideas up to an exceptable liberalized fruitful essence.

Anyway, I would love to thank eyzac and babi for their honest opinion and there's no right and wrong in throwing ideas.

Most importantly, jangan ambil hati with my writings.

I love you taiko. Million thanks for being a good everything to me, and today by enlighting me and everyone else with your 'wisdomful' remarks.

And today, I would want the world to know that beside Taiko being an intimate (:p) and close proximity friend of mine, I have a line of other friends who have been truly great that I-cannot-find-other-friends-like-them.

And if you guys may notice, I do sometimes write about them, once in a while.

Romdzi, another great friend who shared the date birth with me, came over to JB with his family to visit me (actually he has an assignment in JB) and he just need to go to Singapore.

So today I went to singkapoh again. This time, we drive in.

This is somewhere near the Queenstreet where we parked the car without the parking tickets. The sun was so hard on us that even ROmdzi can't open his eyes. This is rather not a posed shot so the subject doesn't really matter. What matters to me are the picture is sharp and Singapore still have these kind of oldtown rows of shops. Just like what you can exactly see in small towns in Malaysia. The only thing was, a McDonald's restaurant is at the end of the shop row. Kewl...

I've got another friend, we called him Pitt Din. Looking at this picture, it's an honour to see a street was named upon him. Hehe. Pitt Street. Hei, not Pitt Saint eh.

This is the first daughter (and more to come) of Romdzi. She maybe named after my sister as well (haha) as her name is Nur Farah Liana, which brought the meaning of The light of Happiness which is soft and polite.

Masya Allah.. She's so naughty, just not able to stay still.

I'm her Pak Long Bai. She has always mistakenly addressed me as her Pak Long Masai.

I 'curik-curik' snapped a photo of a worker who constantly managed the thrown-offs from the garbage container. Deeply, I pity him as no one ever care to even look at him. Not even to say hi. He has quite a not welcoming mood too but I believe if we say hi to him, he may get cheered up a bit or he may just passed, being shy or get irritated.

I donch know. Different people have different interpretation of what they face and see everyday.

I reckoned she's pooping now because she was found to poop in her diaper later.

She plays alone like nobody is around. Sometimes she stares emptily, maybe wondering of why these people just walk off without saying anything. Up to my amazement, she says hi to a few people passing by.

How I wish I can do that too. I want to have that liberated friendliness.

Our last destination, Pasir Panjang Park where we had our Satay! (In the picture, from left, Suriani, Romdzi and Farah Liana)

Very nice. They're so just grilled and hot that burned my tongue and the upper ceiling of my mouth! Damn...

* Some people just loved to blink their eyes on the count of 3. hehehe :p. And I have also update my photoblog

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