June 14, 2006

Instead of being,


Instead of being busy, I tried my best to go to Penang to attend a friend's wedding. Last time, he was my junior in MMU. Mohd. Fazli, or we just called him Mofaz, was like in the family of the constant IRC chatters back in the year of 1997-1998.

So I went up to KL by bus and my brother fetched me at the Puduraya Bus Station. As I reached USJ, I wanted to straight away continue driving to Penang, but it seems like both my companions, Cop and Hemsem were so sleepy. I was told that they wanted to get up by 6.30AM and get moving.

When I woke up, it's already 8.30AM.... Argh.. Tension!

Both of them had already had their bath and we started the journey straight away. We dropped by at one of the R&R and I took my bath while both of them had their breakfast. Continued the journey and we met with Langsuir just after the Penang Bridge. Then we proceed to the wedding at Balik Pulau!

That was me, Hemsem and Langsuir.

Then Mizan and Cop.

Mizan, Langsuir, Me, Mofaz, Cop and Hemsem. I'm really fat now -sigh-.

Then, as my brother's car was yet being serviced, I serviced the car and we proceed to the Titi Kerawang Water Fall. Wasn't that fun (because MALES only).

Then we went to the beach. On our way to the beach, we dropped by at a new dam and we mamaged to take pictures. Then we proceed to the Famous Teluk Bahang.

After the tiring walk along the beach, watching a lot of people enjoying themselves, we went to a Nasi Kandar Restaurant and Magic happened there.

My friends who did not speak in Penang Dialects will have their Nasi Kandar charged at higher price than the local people, like RM5.60 and RM7.50. So, I decided to get help from Joe to take my Nasi Kandar. Yeah, my nasi Kandar was charged only RM3.70. That was ridiculous!

Then, we enjoyed ourselves in the Karaoke before going back to KL. It was Hemsem's turn to drive back to KL. To my surprise, he took only 3 hours from Juru R&R to Subang. Damn fast with my brother's super slow car. Even an old Nissan Datsun 120Y can easily take over the car. Kidding hehehe...

I spent the whole morning sleeping and only went out for an unplanned movie marathon in Mid Valley. My comment of each movie were

7.20PM to 9.20PM - Omen (the same boring story)
9.30PM to 11.15PM - The Benchwarmers (hillarious and full of laughs)
11.30PM to almost 1.15AM - The Cars (enjoyable)

So here I am, back in JB on the next day!

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