June 16, 2006

Think i've encountered today..

Oh yeah..

I've been very busy, busy enough to keep me off the Net.

Well, today i've encountered a few things like Tanjung Bin Power, and Hua Yang Berhad.

Got the catch?

Tanjung Bin is actually a place in Johor. It's located near to the most southern tip of Asia, which is Tanjung Piai.

And, it's near to my work place too.

Well, what was so significant about this Tanjung Bin is that there's a new independent power plant (IPO) operating there and it would be selling the electricity that they are producing to Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB).

But that has got nothing to do with what i'm trying to tell you guys!

When we're about to reach there, we'll see the signboard Tanjung Bin Power Plant, but it is written this way.

Tanjung Bin Power

So, at the first glance, I have always seen it as Tanjung Bin Power. I mean, i read it like Ahmad bin Abu or Salim bin Agus. So here we've got Tanjung Bin Power. The son is Tanjung and the father is Power.

So what about Hua Yang Berhad. It's actually a company name (berhad as limited in English). It would read much better if it sounds Hua Yang Sdn. Bhd (Sdn. Bhd is malaysian abbreviation for private limited) but if it reads as Hua Yang Berhad, can your read it as "Saya Yang Cantik?" (Me that is pretty, as "saya" for me, "yang" for that and "cantik" for pretty. ).

Err... got what I mean?

And just now, I just finished watching a nice and sweet movie with Kevin Bacon and Jennifer Aniston starring in it, Perfect Picture. I really love such sweet movies.

I'm getting busier with my work (even though I'm not working). Well, have I tell you about Angau.Com? I spent a lot of time there too.


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