June 9, 2006

Mahathir Berserked again..

I told myself that Mahathir is worth dying for.

I watched the movie where someone who looked like the president has been called to replace the president when the president went coma. Just before the replacement retired the acting, the bodyguard had told him that he would die for the president's replacement, considering how good he was while doing the president replacement job.

A few days back, this blog had been flooded with the wild racist comments, which i do not know where does it comes from. It must have been a friend of mine, Taiko who managed to comment on some racist issue that had been raised by some unthankful human who manage to live and survive in Malaysia.

Is Malaysia that bad, that racist and discriminative?

I don't know, but as far as I'm concern, we're okay. I've got a lot of chinese atudying allies when I was studying. They copy me, I copied them. In business, i'm allying myself with a lot of chinese. They depended on me for supplies, I depended on them for payment.

Recently, Tun Dr. Mahathir (addressed as TDM in some websites) has voiced out his disappointment towards the current Prime Minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (AAB) which he himself has pinpointed to replace him instead of Najib Tun Razak (NTR) who was the highest voted UMNO's Vice President.

Why not? Most of the Mega Projects had been cancelled. Yeah AAB has been doing good by spreading the propaganda that the government was in a very bad deficit while the country's international fund reserves and bonds were so a lot! (I was working within one of the anchor bank with the most active treasury counter, and i was doing the bank's treasury department so i knew some some, a little a little, well it's very confidential, I'm still a good guy ya know).

Unbelievably, people believed those craps.

As easy as if AAB continued TDM projects, he gained nothing, as people will say it's Mahathir's projects and worse, he gain nothing in terms of monetary. Why? It wasn;t his project.

People (who supported AAB like hell) told me that when TDM leave his office, The money was zero. Idiot! Then how did AAB manage to pay the government staffs wages? FYVOI (for your very own information), government invested in a lot of FDs and Bonds.

Why would TDM leave cash money freely for the country? No wonder AAB said government has no money because all the money had been transformed to non-cash forms. The FD interests were used to pay the wages, to support all the projects that has been planned by TDM and AAB would have just continue the projects, as easy as that.

So should i say TDM is not stupid?

And no wonder AAB desperately sold Telekom's shares to Temasik. Why Temasik eh? Because only Temasik is willing to pay the high price of the shares. The share money is easier to liquidate compared to the Bonds and FDs. And no wonder that AAB cannot control the petrol price as well.

I have to admit that TDM leave the office with the sense that he doesn't want the money to be easily accessible by anyone even the PM.

Should i say again TDM is very clever?

Well, AAB had opened my eyes since 2000. Since then, I know he's not as sincere as what people see. Yeah, we all know and still knew, AAB used to betray UMNO. That's the time when he was not in power. Remember AAB, u personally owe me one. See you in the afterlife.

Once a traitor, forever a traitor.

So imagine who he can betray if he's the prime minister?

* I'm all for you Tun.


xazuru said...

I'll be back home march 2007

terabot said...

a very good comment

UglyButAdorable said...

well..i'm never much of a politician goers..so no comment la bro. but good entry i must say and well understood by dumb politician like me..

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