June 5, 2006

Stilll Considerate Malaysian Are.....

Last week was quite a busy week for me. Starting from doing the inspection, registration and assignment of the old number to the new car, which i have to wait until thursday to get the car.

The rest of the day in the week, i went busy with the work that I had to do all round Gelang Patah, Tanjung Pelepas, Pontian and Tanjung Bin. Getting all the machineries in by Wednesday and getting the work started on Friday.

It was such a hectic week.

The weekend was not bad. I managed to show up in two weddings, despite of my hectic schedule. My family went back to Seremban as well as there are a lot of other weddings goin on, plus they drove back the new car as to do the running in and I may have to drive it back to JB later.

It's wedding fiesta!

After the wedding, I took a cab to the Larkin Bus Station, gambling my luck to get a bus to Seremban.

Too bad!

All of the tickets going to Seremban ran out. If there is one, it's way too expensive. Instead of RM19.90, i had to pay RM 35, for they said the Super VIP seating and what not. The super VIP to KL is just RM25 with the Causeway Link. SO instead of going to Seremban, I took a bus to KL (which the ticket's price was still expensive) and get my sleep on the bus.

In the middle of the journey, there was an accident involving a motorcyclist and a truck.

The motorcyclist did not survive in a very odd way which he was still hodling his bike.

As I woke up a lil bit late the next day, I took my lunch and get a cabbie to the Puduraya Bus Station. As my father informed me about some changes in his plan, I decided to arrive in Seremban quite late.

It turns to be really late!

I wanted to take the express bus to Seremban. What happened was, the queue was way too long. I don't know what going on. So I decided to take the regular bus to Seremban. Even though it's a regular and very bad looking, thank god, it's air conditioned! As I sat on the sit, I felt dizzy with all the other people's smelly odours and fell asleep.

The next thing happened was, the bus arrived in Seremban but it took me 2 and a half hours to reach there. It's already 4 P.M.

And now my father has reached my Kampung in Melaka. I gotta get there as well. So I took another regular bus from Seremban to Tampin, a small town near my Kampung.

I must tell you, it was such a surviving experience.

People were rushing in to get seats for themselves. When I was about to get in, people intentionally pushing others for i can't see any reason why. Not to say that I'm very good citizen but it's such a waste of energy to push other people just to get on the bus.

Looks like they were having a lot of fun doing it.

So I got on the bus and standing. It was hot and smelly. I myself smell like a cow.

It was fun. It's been quite sometime for me not to take the public transportation outside of KL. There's a lot of good sweaty for free antivities you can enjoy. Walking to the bus station, standing in the middle of the hot sunshine, enjoying the sauna ambience in the bus before it's moving and the worries of not standing the very nice mixture of odours in the bus. I sweat a lot man!

Then the bus started moving. As I would see, the bus was the connector of the sub urban areas to get to town, to get their necessities. It wasn't that bad but for those who can't afford to have their own transport, it's all they got! Somekind of a charity, there were some people who were allowed to get the ride for free.

There were these one indian lady with 3 kids. She was not only allowed free ride with her shildren, the people were kind enough to make way for her and hold her children for safety.

I was touched. To the very.

(pardon my intentional grammar ;p )

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