May 31, 2006


So you guys must have been assuming, as what I've been expecting...

You guys must have been thinking that Cik Mat had just found the handphone, but I have yet revealed the true story behind it..

As we heard the radio like noise, only Cik Mat was curious enough to find out what the hell was that. When he find out the phone, there's someone calling and he picked up the phone and heard,

"Hello, I'm the owner of this phone. May I know who's speaking?"

"Yes, I'm Cik Mat. I've found your phone bla bla bla..."

"No, just keep my phone. I had terrible experience with that phone.. just keep it!"

And the caller hanged up. Cik Mat was terribly surprised, switched off the phone and started to figure things out. The Nokia N90 is now HIS.

*end of story*

The Tag

I'm doing this tag because Tina asked me to.. I knew I missed a few tags (and for those who tagged me, would you remind me back) but i've already lost tracked. Sorry guys..


I am currently thinking of painting my car white and leave both hoods front and rear in black but i just cannot trust the people in workshop again. Never!

I just finished writing a minute of meeting. Been quite sometime not doing it. Duh!

I said i was single. Should i repeat it again? (that I'm not that available?)

I want to get married some years back but I don't know if I still want it now.

I wish that I'm living in the years when there are not so many things to think about rather than food and sex.

I hate the feeling of being dumped, cheated, rejected, betrayed, left out, ignored, misunderstood, lonely and many more, but i would still act kewl as usual.

I miss all the sweet time with my loved one.

I fear of not being able to fulfill, reach or getting something that i've been hoping or longing so much!

I hear lots of voices from my inner self telling me that I missed someone badly but I don't know who. I just do not know who, really.

I wonder if all mankind can actually live harmoniously without having to have the feeling of envy and jealousy to each other.

I regret nothing except for the opportunities that i didn't utilized.

I am not certain of what my life is going to be when the world is not in it's proper order anymore.

I sing when i feel like to. I can sing, my voice is nice, pleasant but not great. (said by Paul Moss)

I cry when i think i shouldn't. I shouldn't have cried when i encountered anything sad. But I just cannot hold it. Getting older made me became more sensitive.

I am wearing nothing but my short right now. I'd prefer to be naked all the time, and wish that I'm living in the ice age! Everyone was half naked or not wearing anything at all!

I made myself a nice tea just now. I love Peach tea very much!

I write about me and myself most of the time. Some other time, i write about issues.

I confused about what's happening around me. There are people who don't deserve what they have but still, people were supporting them for the wrong thing they did.

I need to buy a comfy house with huge land, a Honda Jazz, a BMW 3 series, a fishing boat, a 4WD pick up, a complete jamming and recording studio and room full with all the necessary electronic devices, then only I'll be happy and do nothing for the next 5 years!

I should have started doing what I'm doing now since the beginning. Now it's not too late but i may have achieved better!

I start playing music to express my inner self. That's why my music is a mess.

I finish this tag as to tag some more people to do this.

This tag goes to......!

1. Chikanoz
2. Eejay
3. Jojoe
4. Fara no H
5. Nashrex

That's it, thank you. (Sekian, Terima Kasih)

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