May 15, 2006


By referring to my previous post about the pregnant man, it seems like right now, not only females were asking to have gender equality, the males are doing it too?

As for me, as I can see, the equality shouldn't be discussed for the sake of gender. Everyone is getting the same opportunity if human didn't interfere.

Now we're talking about house husband, instead of housewife.

It seems that sometimes, female were getting better pay than us males.

So if my wife earns more than me, I'd be happy to stay home and cook (definitely because i cook much2 better than girls i knew).

Some girls were so weird when they hold a baby which I don't so what's wrong if I become a house husband.

Datuk Shahrizat were egoistically commented that Males were supposed to go out and work.

Instead, I think, who can provide better should carry on doing it. Why should we stop someone enjoying what he/she loves to do?

Nowadays, people make money, just by staying at home. So? Why can't we?


booGie said...

Tidak tahu mengapa, tapi sangat setuju, bro.
Di masa hadapan mungkin workstation aku di rumah je.
Aku cakap mungkin je. Tak semestinya perlu. oyeah

cHikAnoZ said...

i kinda agree with it --> "who can provide better should carry on doing it"
i might just do it too.

-zaza:o:binxz- said...

i'm glad i'm not one of those 'some girls' u mentioned, hehe my daughter loves to haf me hold her cus she say i'm such a 'bantal' ahhaha

anyways even my hubby said if after graduation i earn more, he'll be more at home than i am, for a few years, kumpul duit.

Tenno Miyake said...

Keperluan tu macam ada.. Saya pun suka dok di rumah.

Tenno Miyake said...

chikanoz.. that's true bro..

Tenno Miyake said...

How i wish to have a gf who own a lot lot more than me hahaha..

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