May 11, 2006

Pregnant Man?

Is it for real? Or am I just haluscinating?

When I hopped into this site, I'm not pretty sure whether should I or not, believe it.

Well, seeing is believing.

See it for yourself.


azq said...

aik? berapa lama dia ni pregnant? i read about last year. or is it last-last-last year?? takkan tak beranak lagi kot??

tina hussain said...

huh? what the hell? why, why, why? just leave it to the women la...

innocent soul said...

Quite some time lah. No baby yet ke? I've read the whole thing, but couldn't see the video.

He even have the pregnancy journal. Freaky!

Taiko said...

Tu banyak tidur lepas makan. Sebab tu boroi. Tak pun kena buatan orang

Tenno Miyake said...

azq.. kot yer pun nak beranak cemana? lagi pun, mana dtg nutrients for the baby?

Tenno Miyake said...


gender equality remember? hehehe..

males asking for the same gender equality that the females fight for.. haha..

i actually dun know what am i saying..

just jokinla bucuk gomok.. :p

Tenno Miyake said...

HI elly,

long time no see. are u goin to ekin's wedding? jom pegi wedding dia nak?

Tenno Miyake said...


tu busung kot?

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