May 6, 2006

Talks about credibility - A view from every possible angle.

Have you guys heard or read about the recent resignation of Datuk Shahrir Samad, the MP of Johor Bahru (the place I'm living hehe) no matter in the TV or newspapers? His action would cause him to be referred to BN's WHIP (i don't know what the hell whip is) which is Najib the DPM. The same thing has happened to Aziz Samsuddin and Bung Mokhtar when they tried to refer Rafidah and Sidek Hassan to the Parliament's Rights and Freedom committee regarding the AP issues.

It is all because they have seconded the motion brought up by the opposition (in this case Lim Kit Siang), even though it's regarding the integrity and credibility of a government officer like Rafidah and the latest, Mohd Said Yusof (who is also well-known of his big mouthed attitude), even though it's rightful and necessary.

I think all of us would agree to Lim if it's rightful and necessary.

So who is autocratical and dictatorous right now? Hehehe..

While reading some of Lim Kit Siang blog entries and comments, I have gone through this made-up conversation in the parliament, which has been synistically written to better picturize the situation of the corrupted mind and policy of the government's MPs.

One day, during an emergency seating of Parliament :

LKS : Honourable members of this house, in view of the imminent threat of a foreign force invading our shores, I would now like to move an urgent motion calling for conscription of our citizens to defend our beloved nation.
BN : [heckling and booing] Oi, Cina, dudok-lah. Jangan bising loh Tidah ada kerja lain!
SPEAKER : Motion denied as it has no remsemblance of public interest.
LKS : But … but …. but … do you realise that we are going to be invaded??? Please listen to me.
BN :[more heckling and booing]. Oi Lim, balik Cina oh. You ah, sangat bising. Saya nak balik ruman cepatlah!
SPEAKER : I said that the motion is denied. The subject is closed.

Later on, the DPM was interviewed by a very worried looking reporter.
REPORTER: Sir, in view of the imminence of war between a foreign nation, why didn’t the BN MPs support LKS on the conscription issue?
DPM : Very simple – we don’t support any motion forwarded by the Opposition.
REPORTER : But sir, we are talking about our country being attacked and lives and properties will be destroyed.
DPM : True, true, but as long as it comes from the Opposition, we will not support the motion. But nonetheless, I shall table the conscription motion myself tomorrow.
REPORTER : But isn’t it the same as supporting the Opposition??
DPM : But not if I re-phrase the motion to make it looks like it comes from the BN. How’s that?
REPORTER: But by then, wouldn’t it be too late to set things in motion to conscript the citizens. In a matter of weeks, the enemy forces would already be at our front door.
DPM : Oh well, sabar, sabar – that’s the way things go in our Parliamentary system. We just have to live with it.

* taken from a comment on Lim Kit Siang's Blog

** The action of Datuk Shahrir Samad should be commended. He's trying to protect the integrity and honour of the parliament itself.

*** But I'm halfly supporting Mohf Yusof of his action. Even though it's wrong to import the sawn timber of that particular size, to think of it, the national timber industry is suffering. Think of those who are working in the furnitural industry, sawmills, which most of them are the Malays. Where these people are supposed to be going when there's no more job for them. I wrote about this in Lim Kit Siang's Blog too.

THINK la all those custom officers! All of you are malays too!

This is merely political guys. Mohd Said Yusof is trying to back the industry (and the malays in general) and Shahrir is trying to protect the integrity.

They should have talked to each other first. The possible causes of Shahrir's resignation that might have not been publicized are:-
  1. He realized later that yusof may have done the right thing
  2. He's trying to prove that something has gone wrong with the government's policy (i believe he's been doing this for ages)
  3. He's fed up with the BNBBC (what is BNBBC? BN Back Benchers Club aight?)
  4. He's trying to show a gesture that he disagrees with a lot of things (that i do not want to write here as i might later be accused as to spread libel/rumours)
  5. He's just bored and wanna go home.
Well, i've got a sis with a broken hearted soul right now. Another sister has written her rage of Mawi's thingy over the news/media papers.


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