May 24, 2006

Credit Card Calls..

As I've been busy lately, my phone has not been stop ringing. The calls were not only from my allies, partners, customers and prankers, but also from the banks.

I used to have 4 credit cards from 3 banks. That doesn't include 3 charge cards which I've cancelled 2 of them. The best thing, I only have only one credit card left, which the one from the Citibank. That doesn't mean that i'm already free from those calls.

I used to have a credit card from Bank Islam. That was my first credit card. The reason why they stopped my credit card was because I've forgotten to pay an amount of RM13.57 for 3 months. I paid RM50.00, but they've never ever reactivated my card, even after I sent them a letter.

Well, where's my RM36.43? That's Bank Islam?

No wonder they're on loss this year. Tak Berkat!

Later, I've got my Citibank and HSBC credit card. I used them regularly with regular payment every month. I hate serving interest; it's a waste of money for nothing. While I was using the HSBC cards normally, they started to call to offer me a lot of things like insurance, advance cash and so on, which to make me spend more and more and more. It had resulted me to be freaked out every time i gotta know that "It's the bank calling." Until one day, HSBC credit card office called me,

HSBC :: Hello, may I talk to Mr. Mohamad Izham?
Me :: Yeah, what up?
HSBC :: I'm calling from HSBC Credit...
Me :: Ok, I'm driving so what do u want?
HSBC :: Ok sir, since you have been a very good credit card user, we're offering to raise your credit card limit.
Me :: No thanks. I'm about to cancel the credit cards tomorrow. Good bye! (hung up)

I did! The next day!

And there's a call from Maybank as well. Have you ever got GOLD Visa & Mastercard being given free without having to apply for it? Haha.. I got, not once but twice!

Maybank :: Hello, Encik Mohamad Izham?
Me :: Yes, talking...
Maybank :: I'm Miss XXXX from Maybank would like to talk to Izham
Me :: Eh, i've already paid my house loan this month, so what's the problem?
Maybank :: No sir, Maybank has awarded you Visa & Mastercard Gold..
Me :: What? Come Again? I've never applied for such thing, so what the heck are you talking about?
Maybank :: Maybank is giving out these cards, complimentarily to those who succeeded to apply housing loan with us. We're giving it for free for life.
Me :: Wow that's kewl, so i can use it without paying?
Maybank :: Yes.
Me :: So I can use the card till maximum and I don't have to pay?
Maybank :: Errrrr no Sir. Only the fees are waived bla bla..
Me :: Hoi. Cancel the card la. I don't want. I've never applied, agreed or signed anything for the card. I won't be holding any responsiblities.
Maybank :: But sir, it's already approved..!
Me :: Gila la lu (u're crazy). Who ask you to approve it? How come i've got a credit card without me applying it? That's crazy. I will write on the papers about this.
Maybank :: Ok sir, nevermind. Good Bye!

That was pathetic. They've unfortunately forced the customer to accept the credit cards. Actually they have asked me to collect the credit card at the bank but I just ignored them. Then I remembered one interesting call from Citibank.

Venue :: In the toilet, I was doing my business.

Handphone :: Truttt truttt!
Me :: Hallo.
Citibank :: I'm Miss XXXXXX from Citibank. Bla bla bla bla)
Me :: (I pulled the toilet flush and took the handphone nearer to the toilet bowl)
Citibank :: So sir, what are you doing right now sir?
Me :: Berakla. Lu tak dengar ke? (I'm defecating, can't you hear?
Citibank :: (hung up)

Hahahahahaha.... A few days after that, another person from Citibank called me as well.

Citibank :: Hello Mr. Mohamad Izham. I'm Mr. XXXXXX from Citibank calling you for an advance cash offer. Are you free sir?
Me :: I don't want. Sorry
Citibank :: Okay sir, will you please give me just 5 minutes of your time?
Me :: I'm free but I just don't want because I can't afford it.
Citibank :: From our record, you've been paying regularly RMXXXX per month without fail. So basically, this is a very good offer to you. And from our record you were an engineer with XXX International. Please sir, just 5 minutes.
Me :: Haiya!!!! OK! 5 minutes!
Citibank :: ( Bla bla up to 10k bla bla very low interest bla bla 0.8% for XX months plan bla bla can pay all other credit cards bla bla bla for less than 5 minutes )
Me :: Eh u said 5 minutes? This is not even 5 minutes ma?
Citibank :: It doesn't matter sir. So would you agree to accept our advance cash offer? Or, do you have any other credit cards sir?
Me :: No I've already cancelled them because i can't afford to pay them. I'm no longer working right now.
Citibank :: So what do u do now sir?
Me :: I pick up tin cans, boxes, old newspaper and sell them for living.
Citibank :: Owh.. okay.. thank you sir.
Me :: (He must regretted the almost 10 minutes he spent with me, hehehehe)

And the last call I've got was from RHB a few days back! I'm sure the caller was freaken out to the max!

RHB :: May I talk to Mr. Mohamad Izham.
Me :: I'm driving right now, may i know who's speaking please?
RHB :: I'm Madam XXX from RHB Credit Card Center would like to offer you a credit card. Can we talk or should I call you later.
Me :: Nevermind. I don't think I can afford. I've cancelled all my credit....

(sounds of tyre screeching, me screaming, sounds of cars hitting, sound of broken things)

RHB :: Mr. Izham.. are u there? oh gosh oh gosh... what's happening..? (crying and hung up)
Me :: Hehehehehe..

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