May 10, 2006

Lumba Haram

Lumba Haram = Illegal Racing

I don't know where to start. It is not that I'm not used to drive superfast cars. To boast about the bad things I've done is not a pride at all. Well, it's was all the love to the adrenaline rush when I'm shivering at the driver's seat while waiting for the 'go' signal, maintaining the RPM at 3k, holding clutch at the most end..


It was a very hot night. A few upgrades had just been nicely installed under my hood. The best thing was the computer reprogramming to remove the speed cut and to make a better flow for the fuel to be injected into combustion chamber when the pedal is being pushed to the max.

Since then, I've never tried to push my car to the limit. I don't know when should I do that as I don't have much time to do so, until I've got a call from a friend.

Along TT : Helo along, bila mau jumpa? Saya boling ini malam. (hello along, when are u gonna meet me. I'm bored tonight)

Me : Ok. Kita jumpa ini malam? (Alright, how about tonight?)

Along TT : OK.

That night, he came together with his friend Alex, who's driving an EVO6. You know what I'm saying right? An EVO6 that is.

We've been chit chatting when Along TT suddenly asked me can we test your car?

I was *Gulping* myself hard. A B16A4 vs. the legendary titaniumed 4G63T with a Garret turbine? They must be silly.

I refused as it's very unfair. Alex offered to exchange. I'll drive his while he'll drive mine. Hmm.. Very tempting. It's been so long not to be driving an EVO. Last time was when I tested drive an EVO9 end last year.

So Second-Link. HERE WE GO!


I have a weird feeling about my car that night. As I was in the EVO6, i have never actually see my car in action as it was me all the time who was driving that car. My car is such a super beauty.

At the Nusajaya exit point we parked our car side by side and get ready. Secondlink was empty as usual and Along TT is the one who'll do the 'start-oh' thing.

Wah. I'm in the EVO. Driving an EVO need a way different method of launching. I'm not so sure about it but I'll just do my very best.


As Along TT said GO, I saw my car jumped ahead of me. Gosh! This EVO6 is not even jumping. Revved hard to 6.5 RPM when I already heard my car screaming beside me in the end of 2nd gear when I was just at the mid of my 2nd gear. My civic jumped further forward when it shifted to the 3rd gear. I'm losing! What the hell is this all about? My civic is ahead of this super EVO6? What's going on?

I didn't miss the gear, everything was perfect, not wheelspin as the whole thing grip nicely on the road. I may have been at par with my own Civic at one time but shifting gears has made me lacked by a few miliseconds behind.

I lost to my own Civic in an EVO6! As I clocked 225 km/h, my civic is still ahead of me!

As we stopped by the highway, he asked me what's wrong? I just tell him 'Tatau' (I don't know) while asking him to re-exchange our car and restart at another point. We counted together loudly and there we go for another round.

The EVO6 is now in front of me, as I realized something weird with my car. My car is revving to high 9ks with no problem. I was looking at all my meters without anymore concern on the race. As I shifted my gear, the rev will go down the least at 6.5k but the most astonishing part was,

When my speedometer is clocking more than 230km/h, the EVO6 was just behind me!

A 2-0 victory by VTEC!

* How would Mawi end up with Diana? Read it here..

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