May 19, 2006

The significance of the Da Vinci Code

I went and watch the movie last night. For me, it was quite enteresting eventhough my companion was sleeping most of the time; maybe because it was the last show of the day.

For most people, they may have certain knowledge of what they're gonna watch in the movie, for instance, most of those who went to watch the Lord of The Rings or Harry Potter may have had read the books, before they walk in to the cinema theater.

That's just not me. I like surprises. I like the unexpected. I hate expecting things to happen in the movies. More expectations would lead to more frustrations.

The same thing I did, when I was about to buy the movie tix yesterday. The only expectation i had in mind was, this movie is big! Big issues and controversies. That's why i dun really mind to pay RM12.00 for the tix. I've heard that this movie has got something todo with the christianity and so on, even Malaysian Portuguese people had petitioned the government to ban the film, but it does not well working.

I'm not gonna review the movie as I think that you people must go and watch the movie. It's a movie that would require you to be analytical, to memorize a few connecting facts, to have basic knowledge of christian movements and to understand that there are also differences in beliefs.

Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon in this movie, roled as an ancient symbols interpreter, Jean Reno as the Inspector Fache and Alfred Molina as one of the bishop. It's a movie that is full of riddles, logical thinking, unexpected, problem solving and an out of box imaginations.

The significance of this movie is about a school of thought that actually Jesus is a mortal human being in flesh and he even had a child with Mary Magdalene; which is contrary with the Vatican's belief of divine Christ. The movie is suggesting that Constantine commissioned and bankrolled a staff to manipulate existing texts of the original scriptures and thereby divinize the human Christ. Thus, question of Scripture's historic validity bears tremendous implications. We may have heard the arguments between the Old and New Testaments.

The movie is also suggesting a different history of christianity itself. Dubiously, there were a group of people who believe that Mary Magdalene was married to Jesus, gave birth to Sarah and the people had also swear with their blood to Mary Magdanele, to protect the generation of Jesus till their last breathe. In contrary, another group of people which is believed to serve the Vatican, hunting down the Mary Magdalene's believer.

The protection of the Jesus's generation had becoming sophisticated by even involving the Swiss Bank to keep the secret treasure, that was believed to be inherited from Leonardo da Vinci, down to Sir Isaac Newton and now to the last Generation of Jesus. The Leonardo Da Vinci's best-known and worst-preserved piece, "The Last Supper" had made a lot of influence in the quest of searching the Holy Grail.

If you may still remember the movie, Stigmata, the same idea of how Vatican worked and acted towards the non-inline beliefs was exposed. The aramaic writings on the walls that was said as the original old testament is again suggesting the idea of the conflicting Old and New Testaments. There were also a theory suggesting that the Old and the New Testament does not share the same god.

Watching this movie overall, as a movie, it is a good one. It has never let my brain to stop thinking, analyze and relating the matters and facts in it.

Watching it as a muslim, there would be more conflicting issues. Knowing the Constantine's legalization of Christianity in 313 has made me understand further why did Islam came 269 years later. Certain thing in the Old Testaments that may have never been exposed, has led towards the quest to get rid of a new prophet (if we can remember properly in Islamic Sirah), that further lead to the creation of the New Testament, that is being used today.

A good reading on this matter would be here and here

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