May 17, 2006

Something Stupid

I know I stand in line,
Until you think you have the time,
To spend an evening with me,
And if we go someplace to dance,
I know that there's a chance,
You won't be leaving with me....

The lyric has actually got nothing to do with this.

Today, I went to a place called Kong-Kong, somewhere near Masai/Pasir Gudang. It's a small jetty town, which most of the building were utilized for restaurant or coffee shop. It took me almost an hour from my house in Bandar Baru Uda to reach this place.

I thought it's gonna be a short journey but I was wrong.

I reached there at around 2PM, and I called my friend informing him my arrival. In fact, he was not around and I have to wait for him. I stepped in to one of the coffee shop, and as usual these people would be giving me a super weird look (especially that i arrived with a beetle), but i tried to be nice by smiling to them. Then I made some calls. I was so boring then.

I would see a few policemen were enjoying their leisure time at the other shop. As I was sipping my Kopi Tarik, I heard one of the patrol car was leaving but suddenly i heard people screaming. The patrol car hit the drainage beam and get stucked there!

I rushed there to see what had happened. I wanted to take pictures but that would be a disturbing act. People were busy talking to each other, discussing on how should the car be removed. The car was unable to move even an inch.

Initially, they tried to pull the car with a Ford Ranger, but the beam was too big for the car to get over it. Luckily the place was near to a construction place. Finally they decided to use the crane. It was such a big crane. Unbelieveable!

That was the patrol car's right front tyre stucked at the drainage beam, (you cannot see it from here). Look at the cables/wire. The cable/wire was connected to the huge crane. It was so big that I cannot put it into the picture.

The patrol car was successfully removed... but um...

I wonder what was the guy that i marked with the red pointer was doing?

Please ENLIGHTEN ME!!!!!!

* Pictures taken with my cheap camera phone. Not bad uh?

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