May 15, 2006

Tribute :: To Mothers!

Happy Mother's day!

I may have been the person with the most place i have been living in. Why?

I was born in Tampin, Negeri Sembilan (that explains why i've got '05' in my ID no.) Then, for a few months, my father has been transferred from a place to another (Jerantut, Mentakab, Raub, Temerloh; which is very well not in the order). So me and my mother were just following my father where ever he went to. (4)

Then my father was transferred to Kelantan. Starting from Tanah Merah. At this time, my brother, Ikhwan had just born. If I'm not mistaken, my brother Ikhwan was having problem with crying and u know what? I was sent to kampung to stay with my Nenek (Granma) and Mak Lang (My aunt). I started to remember things from Tanah Merah. I remembered a scene where my mom was using the washing machine to wash clothes and my Nenek and Mak Lang was also there. In Kelantan, my father was transferred twice, which the next destination was Kota Bharu. Here I knew some friends. Later, my father was transferred again to Machang. In Machang, my sister, Fadhlina was born. (3)

During those period, I was sent to Kampung a few times. My Nenek and my Mak Lang has become my 2nd and third mother. I remembered my Nenek will hug me the whole clod night. And I remembered at this one night, while I was talking to my Nenek before going to bed, I heard sounds like tiger roaring and walking in my Nenek's house compund. And I remembered that I wanted to give some money to my Nenek to fix her house.

Mak Lang was like my sparring partner. I remembered she took me seeing her boyfriend at that time (who happened to be my last Pak Lang). Until she got married, she took a great care of me while I'm in kampung.

Then my father was transferred to KL, we stayed in Batu 9 Cheras. We used to go back to kampung once in a while. I started my schooling days there till standard two. There, my sister Faizah was born when is was in standard one. Again she had craying problem as well.

Then my father was transferred again to Kuala Terengganu. There, we gotta know a few more friends. Azura, azureena and alin. The rest was like kamarul, kak ana and kak aida, who happened to be our neighbours in the governmental apartment. Auntie Aizan, the mother of Azura, azureena and alin has become another mother for us, i mean me, my bro ikhwan and fadhlina. Most of the time, she would drive my Father's BAA5621, which was a volkswagon beetle and sent everyone of us to school. She was really like a mother to me. I do talk to her sometime about how I feel. Shifting to another place is always pain in the butt. Terengganu is such a nice place to stay. I remembered a lot of funy things about me and Ikhwan there. Ikhwan used to wear a Barisan Nasional batch and walked around in the town. Hahaha.

2 years later, my father was offered (ordered actually) to further his knowledge in his field in West Germany. So, I was forced to go back to my kampung and continue my schooling there. After a year, my father came back and he was asked to start his work in Shah Alam. My father wanted me to follow him. I refused as I think i'd be comfortable in Kampung. Then I stay for another year in kampung, which My Nenek and My Mak Lang has again become my another mother, taking care of me. My family then stays in Shah Alam. (4)

I was offered into a residential school in Melaka. So I was there for 5 years. Within that 5 years, My father was tranferred again to Kulim Kedah for 3 years and later he was transferred again to Kuala Pilah.

During that 5 years, I have make some good friends and even connected to their families as well. There were 2 more moms, who later became my adopted mom, which was Hasid's mother and Sharul's mother. Both of them has become my very own mother, as they live nearer to my school and during the holidays, it's easier for me to go over their house rather than going back to my own. Buses to my kampung and Kuala Pilah was mere limited. To kulim was quite far. To get back to kulim straight, i have to take a bus to KL, and then take another bus to Kulim. So I have another 2 moms in my list. (2)

Then I proceed to further my studies. Again I was away from home. I stayed just for a few months with my mom after the SPM examination. I was offered to further my studies in 9 places, but being greedy, I took the one that was being offered by Telekom Malaysia, to do the diploma in Taiping for 2 years and then go oversea, but it turned something else. I was asked to further my study locally in the University that was going to be formed by Telekom and I was there till the year 2000 before I started to work and away from home again and again. As I was away from home, I became to close to another friend, who shared the same birthday with me, Romdzi! I turned to be so close to him and again she regarded me as her own son. One more mom in my list!

In the year 2000, my father was again transferred to the current post in JB. After 5 years of working in KL, I decided to quit and stay in JB. With my real mom!

So all together, I've been living in 13 different places, all over the country. That doesn't count that in Kuala Pilah and JB, we shifted from a house to another for q few times. In JB itself, we've shifted for (padi Mahsuri, Padi Malinja, Bukit Cagar, Bukit Aliff, Padi Ria) 5 times.

Now I'm 29. Out of that 29 years, I'm not very sure that in total, how many years I actually spent my life with my real mom. I was away since I was 12 years old. Then it continues till I was 17, then i started my diploma, then degree till I was 23, then I way away from her (working) until I was 28. If counted all those time when I was sent to kampung and everything, I actually spent less than 12 years out of my 29 years of living with my mom, not to mention with my father because it would be actually lesser.

Now, i've been living with her, here in JB for a year plus.

But all those away from her had made me to have a long list of other moms that i used to have. My Nenek, Mak Lang, Auntie Aizan, Hasid's Mom, Sharul's Mom and Romdzi's Mom. It's 7 altogether!

To all of you, I would love to wish Happy Mother's Day.

The only thing I can do was just to buy a cake yesterday. Even though it was not as nice as it looks, my mom was very excited and she told my Nenek and My Mak Lang to be home at kampung so we can be together and enjoy the cake.

Maybe during my wedding, I would be able to gather all my mom at one place. One day it will surely be!

Happy Mother's Day to my readers too!

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