May 31, 2006

Thank God!

Last weekend, I went to Kuala Kangsar, Perak on an additional bus service, and it was such a horrible 10 hours on the bus. Was on the bus since 9.30pm, and reached Kuala Kangsar at around 8.30am the next morning.

Kuala Kangsar was such a very nice and quiet place. I've always liked such places; places like Kuala Kangsar, Taiping, Pontian, Mersing, Kukup, Port Dickson. Places of easy and lazy lifestyle with not so much cars around, especially Mersing.

I was fetched by my father's friend, Amir and we had a very nice breakfast there. What's so nice about the breakfast then? It wasn't the food. It was the weather. I was surrounded by Kuala Kangsar's people who behave differently, compared to those in big cities, either KL or JB. I don't know, but it's just different.

Then, back home, I was forced to join Amir to a Kenduri, or feast. The UMNO's Head of Pemuda's daughter is getting engaged. Not to my surprise, Datuk Nazri went to the Kenduri, as he was close to the Head of Pemuda and Amir himself. As Datuk Nazri saw Amir, he straight away sat beside me and we had lunch together.

I felt strange.

Datuk Nazri was unhappy as usual. Or maybe he can feel my strange feeling of dislikeness towards him but I was pretending to smile. At least I smiled, OK?

In the evening, we went out, together with Amir's Brother, Cik Mat and Amir's very cute and super cheerful daughter (thank god she's just 13 or I would fall in love with her), Farah. Just like the name of my sister. Now I knew 46 people with the name, either Fara, Farra, Farah or Farrah.

Faraj not yet.. hehe.. :p

We were by the side of the river, oh gosh i forgot to ask what river was that (as if i care hehehe) but it was nice, except for the fast current.

That night, we had the scheduled meeting and Taiping, here I come! We're going to visit the Head of Pemuda Umno relative there.

That was a lucky night for Cik Mat. As the 3 of us (me, amir and cik mat) were walking towards the hospital, we heard somekind of radio like noise near a motorbike but i just walked away. Cik Mat mystery of disappearance were later solved when he actually found a Nokia N90.

What a lucky night for Cik Mat. He just owned a new handphone then, for free. If we had our own newspaper, that would be the front page news!

The next morning, I had special roti telor for breakfast. It was super nice. There was a lot of no wonders then.

At around 3pm, me, amir and Farah were on the way to KL. Amir was heading to Jamal's concert, Farah was heading for MyTeam vs Malaysia match and I'm heading back to Seremban.

At around 8.50pm, I arrived in my Senawang house safely.

Thank god!

And Thank God that Malaysia beat MyTeam 2-1. Yay!

* Have u visited Malaysian's Friendster site? Try It's free. It's Malaysian! It's fun!

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