May 15, 2006


The spelling seems correct to me.

One of my relative was hospitalized due to osteoporosis, which has led her backbone to bend and she cannot stand straight. She furthered with an operation and now being warded, and in a pretty bad shape. Needle points had caused her right hand to swell, which it doesn't seem normal to me.

I didn't really care about osteoporosis till this recent event, which i don't really think that osteoporosis really exist. I was wondering why do we have diseases we called as the 'New Gen Diseases'

Obviously, people from the previous generations, I mean our Malaysian previous generations were hardly suffering these diseases. They worked hard in the farms, sweat all day, eat healthy food, complete with all the required nutrients and mineral in the body. They are healthy because their nature of living forced them to be so.

So what's happening to us? Why were we so exposed to the risk of having these kind of diseases?

  • Unhealthy food
    MSG guys! Pringles, maggi, cheezle, twisties, McDonalds, KFC.. just name it. And still it has become our favourite of all the time. Cancerous, high cholestrol, acidic and so on.
  • Unhealthy Lifestyle
    Work in the office with bad environments, stressful colleagues and a lot of unfinished work. Driving in the jam, get stucked in the LRT, people rushing here and there, People driving slow on the fast lane, all these seem to be stressful to me no matter what.
    Realize or not, we've taken a lot of things for granted, like 'makan sikit tak apa' (just a lil bit doesn't matter) because 'sikit2 lama2 jadi bukit' (now a little, keep it for along it'll be a lot).

    I also heard that a lof of junkies that we eat would also drain out the calcium in the body. Gosh. And due to the modern appetite, most people (especially girls) says no to milk, vegetables, sea fish, beef, lamb and so on which is high in iron and calcium. A controlled amount of these food I believe is safe to consume.

    How about Ulam? Tenggek Burung, Petai, Jering; those are good for stomach cleansing. The smell yucks but think of what if can do to your kidney. Have u seen (or heard) of buah mengkudu? It's really good for high blood people, same goes to buah sukun.

    Maybe we should do something about it. Especially girls, osteoporosis is a practically serious threat, especially those with 'a bit extra fat', because your bones cannot forever hold ur 'extra body weight'.

    And remember, good diet fairly compensated with good cardio and sweat job.

    Hmmm, i really wonder why osteoporosis only for females. I remembered Taiko's brother joke about osteoporossis. May Taiko be kind enough to help me recalling it?

    * Happy Mother's day! I bought a cake to celebrate the mother's day with my mom, my granma and my mak lang yesterday! Well the cake does not taste as nice as it look!

    ** Happy 22nd birthday to my sister, Faizah on last Thursday. May god bless you with your life.
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