May 26, 2006

Victory to Taylor Hicks & B16A4.

I was supposed to be going to Senggarang to meet someone to discuss on a few things but as I arrived in Simpang Renggam's highway exit, i've got a phone call telling me that the discussion had to be cancelled. Frustrated, I drove back to JB slowly.

When I was driving slowly at the right lane, a yummilicious looking sports car was driving very closely to my back and i have to move to the left unfortunately.

It was a Nissan Fairlady 350Z, with a KL plate number.

And there was a Mercedesz S500 closely following the car.

I switched my tranny from 5th to 4th and start chasing.

The Merc was a peanut. I didn't take too long to overtake it at the speed of 225 km/h.

Then I was chasing the 350Z really hard. It was far ahead, plus it's so powerful than it was picking up really fast. I was head to butt with the 350Z till we reach the JB exit.

Just the 350Z paid the toll, i think he waited for me. As I passed the gate, i could see that he accelerated really damn fast as I was chasing him really close form the back.

After a few seconds of head to butt drama, I moved to the left and accelerated. At 210 km/h, it was another victory for B16A4.

A fairlady? Nah. Seems unbelievable, but it was such a refreshing moment!

A 1-0 B16A4 victory over a fairlady.

Then I would like to congratulate Taylor Hicks for his achievement in the American Idol, even though i like Chris Daughtry and Elliot Yamin much better.

Hmm.. Yamin, just like the name of my History teacher. He's always been pranked, fooled and bullied by the whole school.

But obviously I can't deny the fact that Katherine McPhee is pretty. I just can't take my eyes of her.

I even dreamt of her last night...!

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