May 9, 2006

Jom Heboh & Rosyam Noor.

Last weekend, Jom Heboh was held here in JB, near Festive Mall, which was actually just 5 minutes from my house.

And because (owh starting a sentence with an 'AND' is no good) of Jom Heboh, i missed going to the GYM 2 days (actually 3 days because on Monday I dun feel like going there, tired) because I may have to park my car so far from the GYM. The GYM is in the middle of Jom Heboh can u imagine that? And I don't think I can do my cardio while thousands of people would be looking at me then.

Saturday afternoon, I was driving back home from Plaza Angsana when I suddenly decided to drive through the main road to go back home.

The journey that was supposed to be as short as 8 minutes turned to be so tiring when i reached my house 50 minutes later. It's because the junction to Festive Mall (the place where Jom Heboh was held) were a just a few hundred meter from the junction which lead to my house.

So I decided, "Not Goin to Jom Heboh". No matter what!


Last minute, My sister Farah was so hard headed on her decision to go to Jom Heboh. She actually wanted to see Fifi from the BersamaMu Program (if you watch TV3 every Monday from 9-10 PM, you'll know).

So with my sister driving, we made the move. So bad, as we came from a wrong direction, the junction leading to the place was closed. So we decided to park our car just by the main roadside (as everyone does) and walked for 10 minutes before we reach the place.

Most of the booth was closed, except for booth who were about to make their last minute sale. All the TV3 main booths were also closed. I told Farah that most of them were closed now so we might just wander around and look for something that we can do.

There's nothing.

We walked towards the concert stage. There are too many people.

Then we walked away, which we passed through a booth which there were crowds. It was Julie's Biscuit booth, which was promoting their latest ever product, the MyVito.

On my tiptoe, i cannot believe my eyes that Rosyam Noor was there. Hahaha! Honestly, he's not happy sitting there signing autographs for his fan.

I cannot stop laughing. What the hell he was doing there while all the other celebrities were on stage.

We continued walking and managed to buy a few things (CHEAP CHEAP!) and took them home. As we reached home, my sister Farah, started to make her sad face. I know why.


Well, she's still small. I do think she'd be able to that later. I'm so tired of so many people there.

* Someone in a debate/forum show being in a biscuit booth? Pathetic man! Maybe he should start a forum, should artist/celebrities be sitting at a biscuit booth?

** Do you know how did Ramly Burger started and now he's making RM200 million a year? Read it here

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