June 27, 2006

The unfair world.. (even in the world cup)

"Hoi.. I'm busy with world cup la.. can't you see...?" *yawn*

This would be the earliest review for the match between Brazil and Ghana ever in the world.

Because the game has not ended yet.

Who said the world is fair?

It was a very good play by Ghana. As I said, they're currently among the best team in the world right now. They play fairly and I don't understand why people labelled them as one of the team with many 'badboys'? Based on what jurisdiction that these people called them as rough, just by referring to the cards they obtained?

That's very wrong. I think they have not watched the game. And if they watched the game, they didn't know what going on. If they know, they didn't know what football is. And if so happen that they know what football is, they didn't play football.

You can tell everyone that you play futsal but do you really play football?

Football is supposedly the game with some tolerable rough level and we play it with the high spirit of sporting. I can say it again as football if you play it nice, just like Ghana!

As I'm writing this review disappointedly, Brazil is leading by 2 goals versus nil by Ghana. Both goals were the results from offsides that were not noted by the linesman.

And the referee was very one-sided too. He noted even a very small offense by the Ghana but he was blindfolded with all the Brazilians offenses.

And if you say Brazil was playing nicely, you are definitely blind too. They were definitely harsh on Ghana because Ghana was incredibly good!

Ghana has it all. They possessed the ball most of the time (and the TV station was lying when they put there Brazil 47%, Ghana 53%, even my mom noticed that too. Ghana is almost 70% and Brazil only 20% because 10% was by the referee :p ).

Ghana had a lot of opportunities to score. They were just not good at it. Brazil was definitely an advantage takers, especially when the linesman did not raise the flag on the offsides and scored the goals while the defenders were waiving their hands to the linesman asking for the offsides rulings.

For me Ghana played it fairly and clean, as most of the offenses noted by the referee for Ghana were very questionable. They play simple basic game of 1-2 passes, and they conquered the ball. The only they lacked was the GOAL SHOOTER. They just need just one person like Ronaldo to the job. Just that!

As for Brazil, they didn't play very well and still.

It would very stressful to watch the rest of the game now. I would still hope that Ghana would be able to beat Brazil because Brazil just not worth it. They defeated others by having people gving side to them, just like the referee and the linesman of tonight's game.

The first time I feel like crying, even though I already know what the result is.. :(

* a humble comment from an experienced football & rugby ex-referee..

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