June 19, 2006

The world cup after one week.

After a while, after almost a week, only now i managed to convince myself to watch the World Cup games.

Not to mention there's a lot of people asking me tips for betting, based on my rows of winning without losing a single cent, and even without having to watch the games.

I just watched the Brazil-Aussie game and as commented on Astro, a non convincing play by the Brazil.... Why?

Brazil might not make it through, even though if they win most of their games in the group level.

Aussie, despite of their very well-dirty play, is quite a very good and a must respect team instead. Brazil has a lot of lazy asses on the play field and bad defenders.

I'm having two views on this.

1. Brazil was really not on their top form.
2. Paid games.

For both games, even though Brazil won, it was not convincing enough. In the Brazil-Aussie game, Ronaldo was safeguarded by at least 3 players at a time and not to mention there were times that he was surrounded by 5 aussies, just like a cat surrounded by 5 wild dogs, just waiting to tear him apart.

Seriously, they could just tear him like the leopard. Aussie plays really dirty. A lot of fouls by the aussies + the unfair Mexican referee, really doubted me. Why would a mexican referee has got to do with the aussie by siding them?

I may conclude that, a lot of Brasilians foram feridos meramente (were merely injured in portuguese). So, my other conclusion were the Brasilians were not in their top form and they mave have been 'bought' as well.

Another example of a bought game was England vs. Trinidad & Tobago. WHY?

As they keep the DRAW state till almost the end of the game, more and more people has invested on the 0-0 draw result. Instead, it was reported that people lost almost USD780 million of value, all over the world, just for that game, as the result was turned to 2-0 at the end of the game.

Clever Beckham!

Well, I have to mention here that the most fairplay with sporting spirit match was between the Republic of Czech and Ghana, which Ghana won by 2-0. Ghana was just terrifyingly fantastic. The most most beautiful soccer play I've ever seen in this season!

Long live England!

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