March 22, 2007

Are you a monkey.. and lonely?

If you are, this is definitely a very good news for you. We're here to help!

In the recent study, there were a lot of horny and lonely monkey on the planet. Even the National Geographics has documented historical events of the destructions caused by the those horny and lonely monkeys all over the world.

These include the Tsunami in Acheh, Indonesia back in 2004. It was told that all the lonely monkey all over the world had jumped into the sea and made a giant chain of monkeys and waved themselves in the sea till they die. They have no idea that their wave actually caused Tsunami to Acheh, Indonesia.

On the recent issue, The President of America, Banana Ape Bush said,

"Stupid hungry for banana apes. They should have been hanged over the banana trees. Or maybe the mangosteen can do. Oh yeah, Mango tasted very nice with peanut butter"

So what's the good news?

Monkeys at the Monkey Personals has pioneered themselves into the Information Technology and came up with the latest and the best dating site for all monkey. Started business in May 2006 and going strong!

Been ranked number one for almost a year, it is aproved as a good runaway from the quiet and mosquitoeful jungle, as in here, you may find your true love in just a click away!

You may submit your personal profile for free but it will only be published upon approval by the moderator monkeys. You may stay informed by submitting your email in the Stay informed page, as to be informed for any updates.

Just a click away! The Monkey Personals!

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