March 7, 2007


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I wonder why not so many people went to watch movie on Wednesday here in Johor Bahru. -sigh- Wednesday is supposed to be the movie day right? Well, after quite sometime not been visiting cinemas, i dropped by the Jusco Tebrau today, after deciding I've nowhere to go before presenting myself in a meeting sometime at 8.30 just now.

And I'm back home now, not so tired, but eager enough to share how I feel during the movie, you know what 'um saying?

It's obviously clear to me why this movie was lifted up to be nominated in the oscar and academy awards. The movie was just lovely, mwahs!

For a pure soully music lover (like me), I just need it. It's a simple movie as the storyline is not that complicated, as it's just a typical Afro-American carrer built-up movie and I normally wouldn't go for such a musical movie but why this one?

1. It's Beyonce.
2. Afro-American musical? Remember how good the movie, RAY was?
3. The all of a sudden 'BIG' Jennifer Hudson.

Nothing that can beat my adoration towards Beyonce who was so admiringly sweet in the movie. She's a bit thin, i think so? Because the b**bs were smaller? And not that whatever licious-licious anymore?

This is the first time i hated Jamie Foxx in the movie, especially with that stupid hair style. Hahaha. And I knew he's gonna be a jerk since the beginning. Well, it's not him that I'm gonna talk about.

I'm gonna talk about Jennifer Hudson. She's BIG! Uhm, yeah she's big, in the matter of size but she's just big! That song of you, you, you and you reminded me about one of this year's Americal Idol Contestant (someone who's not less big than her) sang the same song, in a very lovely way, just like her.

Jennifer Hudson is just BIG! I love everything about her! The voice, the singing.

She sang so heartily that I shed my tears everytime she sang. Oh lovely! Everytime she sang, her voice thrusted deep into my heart that she actually asked me be there, to share whatever she feel inside her.

And no wonder she won that Supporting Actress Award. She's just fucking deserved it.

Where's Simon Crowell?

* I RATE :: 4.1/5

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