March 6, 2007

EarthQuake :: Is the world shagging....?

As I came out from the bank, i headed home and all of a sudden i remembered that I missed a few issues of my favourite comic, RAJA RIMBA.

Went there, and sadly they informed me that the past 2 issues were sold out. FRUST!

Then I paid for the latest issue and walked to my car. I started my engine, switch on the air-cond and started reading.

Suddenly, I feel like someone is shaking my car. I looked around. Nobody's around. Is my Frontier's engine shaking that much? After sometimes, it stopped. Damn, the car was shaking like someone is jumping at the back cabin.

I headed home, suspected nothing when I've got an sms from Lin,

"Bangunan ofis shaking! Ada gempa kat mane2 ker? Kene turun tangga dr tingkat 19 lar. Penat! Takut pun yer gax"

Damn. I'm at home now. Still waiting for any breaking news either on TV or Internet. As for now, still NULL.

* Latest Update from Yahoo Messenger.

karmaalmitra: An earthquake was detected at 11:49am, 6 Mar 2007 in SOUTHERN SUMATRA, approximately 430km from Singapore. The magnitude of the earthquake is 6.6 on the Richter scale. The epicentre is located at latitude 0.4 South and longitude 100.4 East.

* Earthquakes report snapshots

(the report snapshot taken from

The report on the latest earthquake around the world can be obtained HERE

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