March 21, 2007

Blogshare and Real Life Share


It's a game with missions and money. They called B$ or blog dollar.

I've into a few missions which require me to do a few things; one of it is to write something about this blog, FINANZA.

The blog is a blog written in italy. The blog tell mostly about financial and investments. This is purely a blog about economics. It has reported in detail of the propects of a company, of which the stocks that he or his colleague to invest.

I was wondering if we have such kind of blog with all the details. Now is the tech era, but at what percentage the technology is being utilized as the medium to deliver the information.

I believe the link above is owned by someone who is heavily investing in the stock market or any investment fund or maybe a broker or something like that that I may not know. Why can't someone shared the same thing?

Our stock marketplace can be considered very small compared to theirs and I don't understand why should we keep this market so isolated and closed. If these information can be shared publicly like what this guy is doing, I think most of us will not only writing blog when we're in front of the PC, but we'll also be monitoring the shares that we've been investing in. Even the value of the share trnsaction is small, but imagine the high volume of the transactions?

These big number of small investor can actually control the market if they unite in making decisions and control the market. So we can actually deny the domination of the main players in the market. Why can't we?

Not like this one friend of mine, sitting in front the PC monitoring his soccer bet. Hahahaha!


* Oh yeah, I'm 'invisibling' some of the links and concentrating on the links who links back to me as i'm trying to value up my blog as well as theirs in the blogshare game. So those who were listed but now u don't, lemme know once u added me in your links and the link to your blog will reappear again I promise. I'm not being funny but just a plain fair. Those who linked to me but also not being listed in here please lemme know as well.

For the game!

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