March 1, 2007

Programmer Urgently Wanted

Achtung wa sahlan!

Anybody with IT/CS certification hunting for good job with good pay and good boss?

There's an opening in EDS, a former workplace of mine which will be taken directly by my ex-boss.

Only for human. Babi please back off. Cipan also please move aside.

I'm highly recomending this job. Everything is good. And EDS is an international company. Halal. No babi.

Send your resume or queries to me; mohamad.izham(at)



Bobby and everyone,

As long as your can program, training will be provided.

Preferrable if you know GLOBUS, MUREX and Java + XML so in real life, who has all that except for me? Hehehe.

It's open to everyone! As long as you're a programmer!

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