March 12, 2007

SMS Vote :: Raja Lawak

Raja lawak taklah lawak sangat tapi bila tengok final punya show, boleh tahan jugak diorang tu. Most people find it stupid, and that most people includes me in the very beginning.

Well jokes are consumable once u're into their line. Just like everybody loves raymond, I was totally dumbed when I watch it first time. After sometimes, anything they do even the gestures will make me crazy.

My favourite is always Johan as i think that his jokes has always made sense to me but this round, he was totally lost. Tauke was seriously 'macam celaka' when his news contains sad news and horror news. You should watch if you wanna know as those with astro should switch to Ria to watch the replay of the final episode.

That old man from Kelantan tickled me when he sang the ABC song. I was like wondering what he's gonna sing next, but I don't expect him to sing ABC with that hillarious manner. Previously the partner sang the 1-2-3 song.

Well, The Raja Lawak, Yus deserved his winnings. Dia orang susah yang sangat berbakat.

So i wish him a lot of luck in his career, and i'd like to quote some of the things he said.

"Burger apa yang paling happy sekali... teeet masa habis"

"Demam apa yang paling takut sekali"
-The Mummy

"Kenapa budak kecik air liur dia meleleh"
-Sebab dia takleh meludah

* And from taiko, con air means kontut air.

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