March 22, 2007

Why can't we live harmoniously?

I was so sad looking at this. What's going on there? Why should they do that? What's in their mind? Frakkkkk!

This is not THE WAY LIFE SHOULD BE anymore!

As i was browsing the blogshares, i found this blog http://ah-hoong(dot)blogspot(dot)com. I took this clip from there as well as he pointed to the merdeka review website for more info regarding this case.

What do you guys have in mind? This should never happened right? I'm not suggesting this but the cancer of hating people from other roots are just pre-implanted in everybody's mind and heart. This is not only happening in Malaysia, but all other countries in the world. Babi don't discriminate. Babi even let other guys to fuck their couple.

And I'm pretty sure you guys knew how bad the westerners treated the moslems entrying their country. Babi okay. Hehe. Tak kena tahan.

I was educated to befriend with whoever jua. Be nice to everyone pun. My father was growing up within the indian community, and no wonder why he can speak tamil a lil bit. I myself was going to the chinese kindergarten. When I was 5, i can still remember my 2 best friends, which were 2 chinese twin girls who were always hide behind me when they're afraid of anything. Even though we were like duck and chicks, i think we have mutual understanding of anything we do. And I wonder where they are now, as if they're still around, we might be a good threesome partners.. :p Yeehaaaa.. swooosh!

Then I went to a temporary ordinary school before going into the boarding school. I befriended with a lot of indian and chinese friends there. I still remembered there were 2 flocks of naughty indian boys who were not so ngam with each other but i mixed them both very well. And I had a one-month experimental chinese girlfriend. Well, those chinese boys persuaded me and i managed to get a gift from her, the day before i left. A small heart-shaped pillow. Pink Karer!

Even now, I have a lot of good chinese friends here and there. When I was in the college, there's one bright malay student, who would never lemme copy his work but a 4.0 pointer chinese student, RAPHAEL, who was honoured to let me copy his work, and he provided me more than what i just needed. My deejay buddy, Nanthakumar, obviously an indian, who was so kind to lemme use his motorbike anytime I want it. Call him up and he came over to pick me up, send him back home and lemme use the bike. After that, i pick him up, he sent me back and he ride the bike home. Wasn't that nice? You think easy to get such a very nice friend like that mah? Potong kuku la!

And I secretly had an indian girlfriend for maybe 3 weeks hahaha?

Now, most of my customers and partners are chinese. The contractors are also chinese. Sadly, I was conned by a malay guy, twice, by the same person. It was my nature to hope and giving people chances but it's okay, the god is greatly fair! Ada lori ada bas, ada hari tuhan akan balas. But i pray that god will just bless these people with His shrine to see what are the right things and not. Do u know, babi also berdoa?

I believe, if we be nice to people, people will treat you much better. If they don't, I don't care as I don't really mind. The world is not ideally round. Bolasepak is also not perfecly round. That's why beckham's free kick didn't get into the goal, u know?

Not to mention that there are no good malay people, but this racism thingy is just ridiculous. Sometimes it's just hypes and you were getting carried away with ridiculous reasonings and causes, thus, you let those immature unreasonable hatred taking over your rational sanity. I still got good friends like farok, hemsem, cop, omen, ter, taiko, lego, saaieenan and so many more. These are real friends. Live and dead. Manusia dan hantu. But more to kawan2 hantu dan syaitan! Hehehe.

Can we just sit down, relax, chill, frozen and think, what do we really get from hating each other? Even hating babi won't do you any good. Babi is tak bersalah in this matter. Babi hanya haram. But babi is just another God's masterpiece. What would you feel if someone disliked the syrup you made at the kitchen? Same thing right? Same thing. You hate other races, means you hated god's creation too. God is surely mad towards you. You'll go to hell u know or not? And you won't be seeing babi in hell. I think they are going to hellven. Something like oven also. Maybe in the heaven, we can already eat babi at that time. Hahahaha, that's why they go to hellven. They grill it just like at the kenny roger's and we ordered either quarter or half. Nice kan? Then got mushroom gravy. Slurrpp!

So, please guys. I just want to live in peace and harmony. Tell your kids not to discriminate people. Put yourself in their position. How would you feel. Can we just be nice to everyone we see? And tell them, babi is tak bersalah.

Even the religion says no to discrimination. Why should we?

Say no to racism and discrimination! Babism different. Only me can. You cannot!

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