March 20, 2007


Hehehe... It's tuesday and i managed to watch 3 movies last week.

First, I watched the pursuit of happyness. Yeah it's true, it was spelt happyness. In that movie, happiness was spelt happyness at this one daycare center.

Two inspiring black movies consecutively. Some people say it was a slow movie but i just love it. The slowness of the movie had enabled me to look at every aspect and to better understood the whole thing.

I love the part when he cried when he got the job. It was so worth it.

And f*ck that stupid wife! Why female are always like that huh?

Secondly, it watched Mukhsin. I cannot stop laughing at all the gestures displayed especially in the beginning of the movie. To be able to understand more about the movie, it is advised to watch Sepet and Gubra first, even though I didn't watch the Sepet movie, but Gubra would be enough to explain it all.

Yasmin Ahmad made the movie so simple that actually you wouldn't have to know any connection between Mukhsin and both pre-sequels. For me, it's just another first love story that I myself would love to share to you guys.

I would disagree Orked avoiding Mukhsin after the incident during the Galah Panjang game but wouldn't it be obviously weird for a boy to hug a girl like that? As from my own experience, I've never encountered such incident. Boys and girls are very shy to each other.

And Mukhsin should have not done that too. Bodoh la kau mukhsin, kalau tak, sure dah dapat bini lawa. Takyahla si Adlin Aman Ramli dapat dia.. hehehe..

Confusions when Jason and Orked appeared when they're about to play the kites.

Jason tu masa kekecik gemuk rupanya. Hahahaha!

And the third one was the movie "300". A movie about a bunch of Spartans of Greek who believe they're the descendants of Hercules, and how corruption has actually penetrated the society since long time ago and how the bureaucracy has slow down the process of everything.

The message is clear until at the end of the movie, it is much clearer that the movie was named 300. Anyway, the imagination towards the persian's king and it's army were quite were quite an exxageration.

The 300 that brought glory for them.

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